Success Stories

This is a selection of photos and success stories which members have chosen to share. Our tails will be wagging to hear from you if FurryMate brought you together with someone special. This would be a great way to encourage others in the Furry community to continue looking for their mate. If it worked for the following members below, it can also work for you!

Jordan & Nick

Nick & Sami

Jericho & Mika

Kita & Tristan Wolfhawk are engaged

Jericho & Mika

Josh & Jessica got married on September 15, 2012

Ryan (Xepher) & Joe (Shade)

Jimmy & Jennifer

Rainbow1257 & Riektas

Girliewolf89 & Pyrus

Jimmy & Jessica

Jeremy & Julius

Emily & Nate

Natasha & Paul

Carly (Omnificrose) & Oliver (Olijv)

Evlin & Rojas

Travis & Tami are engaged

KuteKittyKatt & Avilon

Paul & His Mate